Compare Energy Rates Before and
After Deregulation

Falling Prices

It is getting easier to compare energy rates because once a state deregulates the energy industry for your area, you are given the gift of choice. You no longer have to open your monthly bills to see how much money your utility company is demanding you pay before they shut off your services. You have the choice to make a switch if you aren’t happy with the amount on those bills. Instead of complaining about your bills, you can take action to reduce those bills immediately.

Lower Prices

One of the biggest differences between your bills before and after deregulation should be the rate you pay for the generation of electricity. A regulated market maintains higher prices because the utility companies are permitted to charge whatever they decide is good for their budgets, and they have no motivation to improve efficiency or take other steps to lower the cost for consumers.

A deregulated market opens competition and puts heat on energy producers to become as efficient and affordable as possible. The more they can sweeten the deal for consumers, the more consumers they can attract to their services. The appearance of competitors serving consumers in your area makes them instantly more willing to give you a more affordable rate for your energy consumption.

If you don’t consider making a switch to a new energy provider, you won’t see much of a change, if any, in the price of your energy. The better rates come when you learn about your options and consider rates offered from every provider.

Reduced Volatility

Do you always have a feeling of anticipation when the electric bill drops into your mailbox? Many people have this feeling because there is so much volatility in the regulated market. Bills can skyrocket with little notice if the utility company decides to raise rates, and there is a lot of debate when a company proposes a significant rate hike for an area that is regulated.

When you make a switch after deregulation, you experience less volatility in your bills. In many cases, consumers find more consistent rates which lead to consistent and predictable bills in the deregulated market. This makes it easier to budget for your electric bill rather than holding your breath and hoping you can pay for it.

Compare Energy Rates and See Immediate Benefits

You can see these changes in your energy bill within a month of switching providers. The upfront investment is a bit of your time to explore all of your options and work with a broker to get the best offers possible from each of your local choices. You can then make an educated decision on the best service provider for your home and business. After that, you can start comparing your energy bills to see the changes that come with deregulation.

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