Compare Electricity Suppliers and Get a Better Deal for Your Business

A business owner that knows how to properly compare electricity suppliers can do a lot of good for his company. Deregulation has presented many with the unique chance to save on their energy bill. So, just by choosing the right supplier your business can save more than 10% on its electricity bill. With a lot of kilowatts spent every day, a 10% decrease on your monthly electricity costs creates significant additional revenue that can be reinvested in other company projects.

How Often Does an Opportunity Arise?

The energy market shifts every day, but that does not mean that you have to be constantly on your toes ready to switch. Commercial electricity contracts are more binding, so chances are that you will get an opportunity to switch once every few years when your contract is about to expire. Closing a contract early usually incurs penalties that can make a switch not worth the trouble. However, with the help of an energy broker you can sometimes get a deal that is worth making an early switch.

Fixed Rates Make it Easy to Compare Electricity Suppliers

When it comes to saving energy, Luminext always recommends fixed rates. A good fixed rate deal makes your energy expenses very predictable and you can easily calculate how much you will spend per month. In addition, looking at fixed rate offers makes is very simply to compare electricity suppliers as the comparison mainly boils down to the rate per kilowatt.

Getting an Offer for Your Business

How good a supplier is in general is not that important as how good it is to your business. At the end of the day, you should be mostly concerned about the numbers on your bill, so always compare electricity suppliers by what they offer you directly.

Getting an offer for your business

To get an offer that relates to your business, you will need to disclose the following information.

  • The zip code of the area where your business is located
  • Your yearly electricity requirements

This information is easily accessible to all business owners and they will allow a supplier to create a deal specific to your needs. If you have no idea how much electricity you spend yearly, you can provide a supplier with the utility account number from your business or simply ask your current supplier.

Luminext is the key solution to all energy related problems

Get Help from Luminext

If you are looking for the best offer on the market, you should let Luminext compare electricity suppliers for you. Our team of brokers has access to better deals than those that are publicly accessible and that makes our results always superior. Give us a call and share your company's basic information to get us started. We will do an in depth analysis on all offers available in your region and return with the best one. Consulting with us is free of charge and you are not obliged to sign a contract. However, after you see the numbers we offer, you will surely be inclined to accept.

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