Finding the Cheapest Electricity
Can Be Confusing

Finding the Cheapest Electricity

It makes sense to want to find the cheapest electricity available if the actual utilities to your business stay the same.

When you first learn what deregulation means for the energy market, it all seems so simple. You no longer have to purchase your supply of energy from your local utility company. That company will continue to maintain the lines bringing energy into your business, but you can select an independent provider to actually generate the energy that is delivered and provide your customer service.

While that basic premise isn’t difficult to understand, the confusion sets in when you start receiving advertisements and offers from different companies competing in your local area. This leads you to start researching the rates offered by each company while comparing a variety of service terms that come with signing a contract for business energy supply.

Your rates depend on many factors

Cheapest Electricity Vs. Fluctuating Rates

The rates offered by different energy suppliers can change rapidly. Add that to the confusion of different offers presented by different companies and you see why so many business owners get a headache trying to find the cheapest electricity for their offices. The rate they identify as the best one day may no longer be the best available the next day, and there is always a doubt in the back of your mind whether there are even better rates out there that you haven’t seen yet.

While many suppliers offer fixed rates that lock in your rate for a determined number of years, the problem is cutting through the fluctuating market to get settle on the best rate available right now in your area.

How to Cut the Confusion

The answer to the frustration is an energy consultancy. This is a service that works with businesses and sometimes residential consumers to find the best possible energy generation rates and terms of service. A broker from the consultancy will serve as a middleman for the consumer and the service provider, offering a high volume of business in exchange for a better rate.

We Can Help You

Consultation don’t cost you a dime as a commercial consumer. You will work directly with one consultant to do all of the following:

  • Answer your questions in understandable terms
  • Explain the energy market in your local area
  • Identify all of your service options
  • Negotiate the best rates for service
  • Negotiate reasonable terms of service, including length of contract

You should have a thorough understanding of the market and your options before you decide which service provider will best cater to your business. If you get confused looking at all of the advertisements and watching the offers and rates fluctuate, it’s time to talk to someone who can answer your questions and give you a clear idea of what to expect from your local energy market.

Luminext Energy is the fastest and most affordable way to cut the confusion. We don’t charge you a dime, and we aren’t loyal to any particular company. Get objective recommendations and the best rates that save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

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