Cheaper Utility Bills with These 3 Steps

Cheaper Utility Bills

These three steps to cheaper utility bills may not make paying bills more fun, but it will make them easier on your budget.

Do you set your electricity bill to the side because you don’t want to ruin your good mood when it arrives? This is a common response to skyrocketing energy bills, but it’s unnecessary if you live in a deregulated area. Deregulation means you have the right to choose your service provider, and some providers are offering substantial discounts to smart consumers who do their research and take the right steps to get the best rates. You can become one of those smart consumers by following these three simple steps.

Step 1- Conserve Energy at Home

This is always the first step to saving money on your electricity or natural gas bill. The more energy you consume, the higher your bills are going to rise regardless of your rate. Some of the most frustrating fluctuations come from inconsistent usage rather than changes in the rate demanded by your utility company.

There are many things you can do to conserve energy at home, ranging from one-time fixes to lifestyle choices that you make every single day. While some do require financial investment upfront for long-term savings, there are many things you can do which are completely free. The catch is that you have to make lifestyle changes applicable to everyone in your household if you want to lower your bills as much as possible.

Step 2- Sign up for Free Brokerage Services

Luminext offers professional representation to ensure you get the lowest fixed rates possible, and we don’t charge you anything for those services. We do all of the research and price comparisons for service providers in your area, and then we negotiate on your behalf to ensure you pay the lowest rates possible.

We always push for fixed rates so that you don’t have to worry about sudden increases. This prevents service providers from offering low introductory rates and then issuing a dramatic raise once they have secured your account. Our brokers are also familiar with all aspects of energy service contracts, so we can ensure that you receive exceptional customer service and notice no change in service quality after making a provider switch.

To get all of this started, you simply need to sign up for our free brokerage services. If you have lingering questions about how it all works, our brokers are always available to give you answers so that you feel more comfortable using our services for your benefit.

Step 3- Switch Your Utility Provider for Cheaper Utility Bills

Once you start working with a Luminext broker, they will review your account, consider the service providers serving your area, and then recommend a provider offering the lowest possible fixed rate for your home. Our rates are lower than you can get when working directly with a service provider because we bring a higher volume of accounts to the service provider.

Once you understand the reason a particular service provider is recommended for your account, you can authorize our brokers to make the switch on your behalf. We are hands-on throughout the process to ensure you get the lowest possible fixed rate and the best contract terms, all the way down to responsive and understanding customer service. When your contract comes up for renewal, we will do it all over again to ensure continued low rates and cheaper utility bills.

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