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Cheaper Electric and Gas Savings Receipt

Finding cheaper gas and electricity in a deregulated state is what we do best.  As a consumer of gas and electricity, you are a valuable commodity for suppliers providing energy to your local area.

You may realize this and assume that the rate you see in advertisements or extended to you in private communications is the most competitive rate a supplier can offer at the time, but that is typically not the truth. Suppliers offer their best rates to brokerages like Luminext Energy, so you are always at an advantage when you allow a broker to negotiate rates on your behalf.

Savings for Everyone with Cheaper Gas and Electricity

Our brokerage is committed to ensuring that each of our clients receive the best energy rates possible, but there is a reason we are able to secure better rates than you could negotiate on your own: we also save energy providers money as well. While we don’t tie our services to any particular provider exclusively, we do offer clients in bulk. When offering the best deal to our clients, a supplier can secure a large number of clients at one time.

That means they don’t have to chase those clients individually, and this reduces their marketing and operational expenses. Suppliers are willing to offer you better deals when it comes with a reduction in expenses for their company as well, so it’s a win-win for everyone when brokerages do their jobs well.

Discovering & Analyzing the Options

You may think you know all of the energy providers offering gas or electricity in your local area, but chances are high that we can work with more suppliers than you even realize exist as options. This is because we have extensive connections within the energy market, and those business relationships allow us to open opportunities that many of our clients wouldn’t know to explore on their own.

This is the same as a professional baker knowing where to purchase wholesale baking supplies at rates most home bakers would never dream possible. When you have connections within a market, you see opportunities that people outside of the market don’t recognize.

Understanding Technical Details of Cheaper Gas and Electricity

If you were to accept bids from five different energy suppliers to meet the needs of your business or home, would you completely understand the technical details within those bids? There are many things to consider beyond the basic rate, and it takes time to thoroughly understand how the bidding system works. If you aren’t in the energy business and don’t want to spend time deciphering technical details and comparing terms of service and other elements of bids, then you can leave the details up to our professional brokers while you tend to more important aspects of your own life.

Luminext Brokers are FREE

Well, they’re free for you as a consumer. Our fees are paid by the suppliers because our services make it easier for these services to secure and retain customers in the long term.

Services are Free!

While you are extremely valuable to the energy providers in your local area, those providers would rather work with you as part of a larger group through one representative because that simplifies their processes and allows them to save money while offering you exceptional deals.

If you’re worried about becoming just one number in a sea of consumers, rest assured that Luminext Energy has you covered. You will receive exceptional customer service, and you won’t notice any difference between the services you currently receive and the ones you receive after making the switch. You will just notice the big drop in the prices you pay each billing cycle.

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