Cheaper Electricity is Just a few Clicks Away

Since the electricity market started to become deregulated, cheaper electricity became something you can fight for. Users now have the freedom to choose their electricity supplier and that can be used to great advantage. Rates can be negotiated and renegotiated until you are satisfied with what you have.

Choosing a Supplier

Finding a reliable supplier is the first step to acquiring electricity at a lower price. There are many different suppliers out there and they offer electricity from several different sources. Some use renewable sources, other use nuclear plants and it is usually hard to tell which company offers the best deal out there.

Cheaper Electricity is Just a few Clicks Away

Fixed Rates

The best way to get cheaper electricity is to choose fixed rates at the right time and avoid paying more due to market fluctuations. However, the right time may be hard to determine. Electricity rates depend on many different factors and what may seem like a great deal today, can become less favorable tomorrow.

Internet Accessible Resources

Rates and suppliers are both publicly accessible information on the Internet. This means that with a few clicks on your computer, you can probably get some answers regarding the suppliers in your area and the rates they currently offer. There are even websites that show direct rate comparisons to help you make up your mind. However, these rates only reflect the offers suppers are willing to give without negotiating.

How can Luminext Help?

As an expert in the field, Luminext can provide assistance in many different ways. Our job is not just to assess your current needs, but also, to make stable plans for the future. The primary goal is to save you as much money as possible, so the plan may change as the market starts to shift.

Chasing Cheaper Electricity

Luminext consultants always make deals that entail low or no cancellation fees. Chasing lower rates means that you need to have the freedom to migrate from one supplier to another at any given time without any penalties.

Weighing your needs

Fairly Assessing Both Sides

The secret to getting the best price is fairly assessing both the consumer and the supplier. We create a good balance between the needs of the consumer and the abilities of a supplier.  It is our job to assess how much you spend each month in order to find the best deal. The choice of supplier is made depending on who can offer best rates for the exact quantity you need.

Getting Better Rates

Our consultants have an advantage when they negotiate electricity rates. We represent a vast number of clients and that puts us in a position where we have the upper hand. The rates offered to us are lower than what you can get as an individual, so hiring a broker to get cheaper electricity is a smart move.

Avoid All That Hassle

With an energy consultant at your side, you get hassle free electricity. Time is money, so let someone else do the job for you. Contact us today and try out our services. You will be surprised by how much you can save each month with Luminext looking out for your best interest.

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