Finding Cheap Gas and Electricity

You didn’t have a choice of finding cheap gas and electricity prior to deregulation in your area. You sign up for energy services with the utility company serving your region, and you pay whatever rate they are currently charging. Whenever they feel the need to hike up that rate, you pay even more on your monthly bills. This is why deregulation is exciting even if it is a bit confusing.

Cheap Gas and Electricity

Once your area is deregulated, you get to choose between multiple energy providers serving your area. While your utility company will continue to deliver your energy to your home, your chosen provider will generate and provide the energy. Since companies are forced to compete in a deregulated market, there is more room to negotiate for fixed rates that you can actually afford.

Fixed rates give you some consistency in your bills, so you aren’t shocked by sudden rate increases. The problem is that you need to maneuver the constant fluctuations in the market to secure the best rate from the best provider, and you need to negotiate a fixed rate. There are two options for finding the lowest cost for your energy needs.

Option 1: Research, Compare and Negotiate for Cheap Gas and Electricity

Identify all of the providers serving your area, and then determine their current rates. This is tricky because the rates advertised on a service provider’s website may not reflect the lowest possible rate available from the provider, and those rates can fluctuate from one day to the next.

You have to understand all aspects of energy contracts and negotiate on your behalf, and you still won’t get the best possible rate because you are only one customer. A service provider is more likely to give steep discounts to representatives bringing multiple customers to the table, and that is why the second option is far less stressful and more likely to produce the lowest available rate for your energy contract.

Option 2: Work with Our Professional Brokers

Luminext brokers understand the natural gas and electricity markets, and we are always available to answer your questions. While we go through the same process of researching available service providers in your area, comparing their current rates and negotiating for fixed rates, we already have working relationships with most providers. We also represent a variety of customers, so we have more leverage when negotiating for the lowest possible rates.

When you work with an energy broker, you don’t have to understand all aspects of the market or keep track of those fluctuating rates to get cheap gas and electricity. You don’t even have to renegotiate on your own behalf when your contract comes to an end. We will renegotiate the lowest possible fixed rates each time, allowing you to maintain a fixed rate that you can predict and afford right now and in the future.

What does Luminext charge for this type of consultancy? Nothing at all! Our fees are covered by the service providers, so you can bring our brokers onto your side without paying anything. You may also consider signing up for more extensive services to ensure you are operating as efficiently as possible and getting the most from your low, fixed energy rates.

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