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Are you getting cheap electricity and gas? Well, the answer to that question is a bit relative. What is considered cheap electricity in New York may be very steep in Delaware; or what is considered a reasonable gas rate in Massachusetts, may sound insane to someone living in Texas. So, how can we know exactly what is cheap and what is not? And furthermore, can we get lower rates?

The Answers Lie in Deregulation

As long as you live or have a business in a deregulated state, there are ways to negotiate lower rates for both gas and electricity. Note that not all states are deregulated and different deregulation rules apply in different states. There are states where just gas or just electricity is deregulated, so you need to manage your expectations accordingly. Still, even if just one power source is deregulated, you can lower your bills by securing good rates for the deregulated resource and exploiting it as much as possible.

What about Customer Loyalty?

Being a loyal customer to an energy supplier rarely pays out. In most cases, securing cheap electricity and gas rates for years to come trumps a small yearly bonus given by the supplier. Also, suppliers in your area are probably competing with the rates they offer rather than customer retention. In a market where you can always switch to the lowest bidder, the rates are the most powerful ways to attract customers.

Will Switching Cost?

If you decided to switch, one of the first questions popping into your head is "Will switching cost me money?" To answer this, your current contract needs to be examined. Some contracts come with cancellation fees that may make it difficult to switch. A switch may not be lucrative if you need to pay large fees, but do not let the fees scare you from searching for cheap electricity and gas.

  • Paying a fee and switching to a supplier with way better rates may still be a profitable venture.
  • Some fees become smaller towards the end of your contract, so if a good part of your contract has already passed, it might not be that serious.

Those who have a variable rate contract can probably walk out of it without paying anything, as these contracts rarely have a cancellation fee.

Cheap Electricity and Gas with No Cancellation Fees

This brings us to the final question "How can you ensure that your rates remain cheap?" The answer to that question lies in fixed rate contracts with no cancellation fees. Fixed rate contracts ensure that your rates remain the same during the whole length of the contract and the absence of cancellation fees ensures that you can switch the moment a better deal appears on the market.

Luminext consultants can examine your current contract and help you find cheap electricity and gas in your area. Our brokers even have access to lower rates than those publicly available. We do not charge anything for our services and our sole mission is to save you as much money as possible. All we need to start working is a few basic information and we will return with a proposal within 2 working days.

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