Saving Business Energy in the Company's Kitchen

Saving Business Energy in the Company's Kitchen

To properly reduce business energy expenses, a good manager has to save even in the company's kitchen. The kitchen might not sound like a place that draws a lot of energy compared to the whole company, but the number of appliances inside it and their energy needs should not be underestimated. A kitchen that feeds a large company undoubtedly draws a lot of energy and there is plenty that can be done to reduce electricity and gas consumption.

ENERGY STAR and the Company's Kitchen

Equip your kitchen with appliances that have top ENERGY STAR rating. Just by having efficient refrigerators and freezers, you will save round $240 on average per year. Of course, the investment will cost a lot more than that, but it will pay out over the years.

The same can be said about other appliances in the kitchen. Efficient deep fryers can save you over $100 yearly and steam cookers can save you as much as $800 per year. The savings may vary depending on the type of fuel you use.

Keeping things hot is also a good way to cut down on expenses. Hot food holding cabinets can save nearly $300 per year just by removing the need of reheating. If you are not working with limited space, installing an energy efficient holding cabinet is definitely a smart move.

Equipment maintenance is very important

Save Energy with Kitchen Maintenance

Regular kitchen maintenance is another good way to save energy. Many appliances become inefficient if they are not properly maintained, so make an effort to always keep them in optimal working order. Training your kitchen crew how to properly maintain equipment may prove to be a smart energy saving tactic.

Some Professional Help Required

Keeping everything in good shape requires some professional help from time to time. Refrigerator gaskets need to be replaced when they become old and compressors may require a bit more Freon to work well.

If you have a walk in freezer, professional maintenance once per year is essential for proper operation. Cleaning, lubrication and adjustments need to be performed regularly to keep the efficiency levels. Keeping track of Freon levels is also of huge importance with large freezers as low Freon can cause huge energy loses.

Equipment upgrades are very important

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment upgrades can also help you reduce business energy costs. Your refrigerators and display cases can save a considerable amount of energy if you simply install anti-sweat door heater controls and variable speed evaporator fan motors. These changes may not make a huge difference, but they represent a small investment that will be returned in no time.

Reduce Business Energy Costs with Luminext

Contacting our Luminext team is the easiest way to save on business energy costs. We will take your basic information and find a supplier that offers best rates for your company. Our success is based on hard work and we pride on our 100% customer satisfaction. We will reach out to all suppliers in your area and we will use our superior bargaining powers to negotiate a better deal than the one you would get on your own. Our consultations are free of charge, so give us a call and start saving on your company's energy bill.

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