Business Energy Saving with Proper Insulation

Some aspects of business energy saving are very similar to residential energy saving. Both businesses and homes use huge amounts of energy just to keep the interior temperature at a desired level. Different saving solutions may be applicable depending on structure, location and needs, but proper insulation is still the most effective technique for reducing energy costs.

Business Energy Saving

Where Do We Lose the Most?

The business approach to any issue is to tackle the largest obstacles first. This is why one of the first questions in the business energy saving discussion is "Where do we lose the most?" Answering this question is not that easy, but the usual suspects are listed below.

  • The building roof is a place where large heat gain and heat loss are commonly detected
  • The windows can account for a heat loss of up to 40 percent during the winter and a heat gain of over 80 percent during the summer
  • HVAC system inefficiency can also cost your business a lot in energy expenses

What to Do?

Start by hiring an insulation expert. Identifying the weakest spots on your structure can actually save you money as it will allow you to focus your energy saving efforts in the right places. Get someone that will not only identify the weaknesses, but also suggest solutions. Knowing exactly what kind of work and materials you need, will make it easier to pick the right contractor.

Reinforcing the roof with insulation

Business Energy Saving by Reinforcing the Roof

The roof is a place where improvements are not limited to adding extra layers of insulation. Every layer you add will improve your current efficiency, but there are other energy saving techniques you should consider.

If the roof is just sealed space and it serves no practical purpose, you can better your energy efficiency by adding roof-cavity ventilators that suck the warm air out. Not allowing warm air build up will make cooling the floor below a lot more efficient. Combine that with ceiling insulation on the floor below and this business energy saving effort will be noticeable on your company's next energy bill.

Those who live in states with many hot days should also consider painting the roof white. A white roof reflects more sun rays and draws less heat. Do not expect a coat of paint to solve all your energy problems, but it is a small investment that will pay out very soon.

checking for energy leaks near the windows

Trouble with Windows

The greatest trouble with windows is that they are expensive and sometimes even impossible to replace. This is why adding blinds and curtains is a smart move. Thicker glass or a multi-chambered window may be the best way to go, but if replacement is not an option try adding reflective foils and specialized blinds and curtains to minimize the energy loss.

HVAC Inefficiency

More than often, a company's HVAC is set up to run its ventilation through the roof. Ducts in an area that is not temperature regulated can make the whole HVAC system very inefficient. Fortunately, this can easily be fixed by wrapping the ducts in insulation. Compared to insulating the whole roof, the investment is a lot less expensive.

Business Energy Saving with Luminext

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