Reduce Business Energy Costs in a Computer Environment

Reduce Business Energy Costs in a Computer Environment

It is easy to lower business energy costs in a computer environment. Everywhere you turn, there are devices drawing power and most of them can be organized to operate more efficiently. Some energy costs can even be avoided altogether. These smart tips will help you save electricity and you may also save on other business expenses along the way.

Do You Really Need a Company Server?

Company servers and server rooms in general create huge business energy costs. Servers have almost no downtime, so they drain electricity 24/7. In addition, a server room has to be maintained at a constant specified temperature. Just letting the server run and cooling the room adds up to a big sum on yearly basis. Instead of internal servers, consider keeping your data remotely.

Internet connected workers

Invest in Internet not in Servers

You can save a lot of money just by keeping all your data somewhere else. Remote storage servers and cloud based technologies cost a lot less than buying, running and maintaining a server yourself. If you train your employees to keep data remotely and share files, you may also save on communication, transport and printing as most papers and contracts can be shared via the Internet.

Printing in Bulk

Printers use a lot of energy when they start printing, so one of the best things you can do with a large printer is stack your printing jobs. This might not be possible for all documents, but you can always prioritize. Stack all low priority tasks and save business energy costs by printing them all at once.

desktops vs. laptops

Choose Wisely

If you are equipping your company now or you are planning to make a significant upgrade in equipment, choose wisely. Computers come with ENERGY STAR ratings just as appliances. Invest in energy efficient models and the investment will pay off over the years.

Desktop vs. Laptop

Desktop computers spend a lot more energy than laptops, so equipping your company with laptops can do wonders for your business energy costs. Laptop computers these days are in no way inferior in performance, so the only drawback of using them is the fact that you will have to invest a bit more money. As an added benefit, if you let your employees take the laptops at home, you will not have to worry about equipment drawing company power after work hours.

Reduce Business Energy Costs with Better Rates

The best way to reduce business energy costs is to find better rates. Luminext can help you lower your energy expenses by securing the best rates on the market. Even if you feel confident that you can find better rates on your own -give us a call. Our consultation is free of charge and we can deliver you an offer within two work days. Compare what we offer with what you found on your own. We guarantee that our rates will prove to be of superior quality.

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