Effective Ways to Save on Business Electricity

Anyone looking for an effective way to save on business electricity should be prepared to try something new. Energy loses in a business can be very different that those of a residential house, so it is logical to expect that the electricity saving tips will differ as well. The following set of tips is a mix that can help both smaller and larger business reduce their energy expenses.

Copiers, Printers, Faxes and Computers

Copiers, Printers, Faxes and Computers

Every business has at least a computer or two. However, when discussing business electricity we are concerned with energy wastes equal to a hundred computers. If you have a large company that has a computer at every workstation, then consider tuning each machine's power options. Most computers are tuned to either stay active indefinitely or go to standby mode after a few hours. Both of these settings waste electricity; so instead, it might be a good idea to set them to shut down after a couple of hours inactivity.

Copiers do Not go to Standby on Their Own

Business-size copiers and industrial printers use a lot of electricity as well. To provide the best performance, some manufacturers tune their equipment to remain active at all time. If you run a small copying business with several machines of this type, just powering off at the end of the day can be considered a big electricity cutback. 

Lights and Signs

Lights and Signs

Many businesses that have a storefront keep their lights and signs on after they close as it provides a friendlier look. Researchers have determined that this is an effective business technique, but it surely has a negative effect on your electricity bill.

Manage Lights Better

The obvious ways to save in this situation is by using energy efficient lights. However, you can also save by arranging your lights in a smart way. You do not really need all lights within your business, so arrange them in a way that illuminates your storefront and nothing else. Covering your windows with LED strips works good for some businesses.

Lights Timer Switch

No matter how good your storefront looks with the lights on, it still has no effect if no one is around to see it. A timer switch can save you a lot of business electricity if you program it to switch everything off during late night hours. There is probably no one admiring your storefront after four in the morning, so you can give your lights and signs a rest until the start of the next workday.

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Save on Business Electricity with Luminext

Here at Luminext, we offer specialized deals that can help you save on business electricity. If you live in a deregulated state, our team of professionals can negotiate better electricity rates for your business. Better rates paired with the energy saving tips discussed above will save you a considerable amount of money each month that can help your company grow faster.

Using the Benefits of Solar

You can also save by implementing one of our solar solutions for businesses. If you are interested in this alternative energy source, just let our team know and they will perform an initial assessment of your location. Luminext has an absolute honesty policy, so if we do not feel that solar has enough potential at your location, we will advise you against it.

It Never Hurts to Ask

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