A Business Electricity Supplier Does not Have to be Large

Does the size of the supplier actually matter?

The notion that a business electricity supplier need to be large to serve a good purpose is one of the biggest misconceptions in the energy market. Any supplier regardless of its size has the capacity to deliver enough energy to power a single business. Larger suppliers can serve more at the same time, but that does not mean that you will get a better price from them. Ultimately, the supplier that offers lowest rates is the one that will give your business the best service.

Observing Size from the Outside

Size is still a factor, as larger suppliers sometimes have lower energy production costs. When shopping around for energy, it can be difficult to assess how big a supplier is. Suppliers on the Internet look all the same as they rarely tell how big their capacity is. The only thing you can actually observe is how popular they are, but keep in mind that this has nothing to do with size. A small supplier with many residential clients can accumulate more Internet support than a large business electricity supplier dealing strictly with big clientele.

Luminext knows how to find the best electricity supplier

Luminext Knows Best

Our Luminext team has years of experience in dealing with business electricity suppliers across the U.S, so we are well aware of everyone's capacity. Using our help to choose the right supplier is the smart way to go, as we know what awaits on the other side of the door even before we knock.

Knowledge is power and we use it wisely. Before we go anywhere to look for electricity, we will first make sure we know exactly what you need. Filling out our contact form or speaking with one of our friendly representatives helps us a lot in the quest for lower rates for your business. Give us the basic information we need to start the process and we will return with a proposal within two business days.

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Getting the Best Deal from a Business Electricity Supplier

Bargaining with a business electricity supplier is the best way to get lowest rates on the market. Suppliers have their standard offers published, but that is not as low as they can go. Regardless of how big a supplier is, you can always try to bargain. Successful bargaining leverages what you can offer against what the other side needs. This means that you have to know your worth as a client and know exactly how much to ask for it.

Our Success in Bargaining is Undisputed

Luminext's undisputed success in bargaining is another reason to use our services. Every business electricity supplier in the U.S knows our name and how much business we can bring. This is why they are usually more willing to bargain with us rather than a single client.

Our superior position also gives us a chance to negotiate more than just the rates. We can get a deal with more lenient conditions for energy use and contract cancellation. The best thing about all of this is the fact that we offer our consultation for free, so you have nothing to lose. Contact us today and see just how much you can save by getting a deal through Luminext.

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