Refrigeration Tips to Reduce Your Business Electric Bill

The business electric bill of many firms is affected by refrigeration. Restaurants, butchers, convenience stores and supermarkets all depend on refrigeration to run a successful business. How much electricity the fridge actively uses can vary a lot depending on many different factors. Spending some time to make sure your refrigeration units are working at optimal efficiency will pay out over time.

Refrigeration Tips to Reduce Your Business Electric Bill

Energy Star Rating

Industrial size fridges consume a lot of energy regardless of their energy star rating. These units are mostly focused on achieving temperature faster rather than saving energy. However, having units with a good energy star rating may improve your business energy bill.

Keep in mind that some refrigerators are sponsored, so if you sell specific types of beverages, you may be stuck with refrigeration units delivered by the brand representatives. Focus on working with what you have and on improving things that are within your domain of influence.

Keep refrigerators at capacity -they work better when full .

Keep Them at Capacity

It is a well-known fact that fridges work best when they are filled at optimal capacity. This means that you should never keep a half-empty fridge of any type. Supermarkets usually address this issue by stocking goods at least once per day. High-frequency stores may restock their refrigerators even more than once to keep up with the demand.

Keep Them Clean

Your business electric bill may also depend on how good your fridge thermostats work. Even the fridges that have deicing technology can start icing up at the back and this will interfere with the temperature readings within. Clean your fridges regularly to ensure proper operation and as a bonus, you will get rid of possible health hazards that can be spotted by an inspection.

Business electric savings with proper maintenance.

Keep the Rubber Seal Clean

Keeping the fridge door well shut is also considered one of the basic ways to ensure proper operation. The rubber seal can become very dirty if the fridge is frequently handled, so wipe it down from time to time to make sure it locks on closing. If the fridge is a bit older, check for damage on the rubber seal as well. A fridge can lose an unbelievable amount of energy through a crack in the rubber.

Keep the Motor Clean as Well

The cooling equipment behind the fridge needs cleaning from time to time as well. Rid the motor of any accumulated dust and oil it up to make it run smoother. This will have a positive effect on efficiency and in turn on your bill.

Air Curtains in Cool Rooms

A cool room is like a refrigerator the size of a room. That being said, it is highly important not to open the door too many times to avoid huge energy losses. One of the ways you can improve your business electric bill is if you simply install an air curtain in your cool room. The curtain prevents large drafts from occurring each time the door is opened and investing in it will pay out immediately.

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