What Can We Learn From the Average Utility Bills?

The average utility bills information is usually searched for by those who suspect that they are overpaying on their bills. Statistics of this type can give you a good sense on how well you spend your money, but only if you know how to put the numbers in perspective. The monthly and yearly average bills can be way different than what you are paying but keep in mind that your needs might be more than average as well.

A family calculating their average utility bills.

Cost of Living vs. Average Household

When you try to find the average utility bills for your region, you may encounter cost of living statistics. The cost of living stats have one very important difference you need to be aware of; they are usually displayed per person.

Average bills for a household and average expense of a single person are two very different things. If you wish to see how much your household should spend on utility using cost of living numbers, then you need to multiply by the number of household inhabitants. In the end, the numbers you get can still be wildly inaccurate.

Infographic: Planing for Utility Costs in Your Monthly Budget

What Does Your Utility Bill Cover?

"What do they actually cover?" is one of the main questions that need to be asked about the average utility bills. Some calculate the average just by including electricity, heating, water and garbage services. Other average statistics might include your phone, cell and internet services as well. To do an accurate comparison, you need to know what has been included and what is left out from the statistics.

Inhabitants and household size

Average Utility Bills and Household Size

Before comparison, you also need to ask yourself the question "How average is my household?" An average U.S household has a roughly 2.58 inhabitants, so if your household is considerably larger, expect for your bills to be larger as well.

Size is Not Everything

Another aspect that an average cannot show you is the difference in utility expenses within different social classes. Your lifestyle plays a large role in how much you spend on utilities, so sometimes the best thing to do is compare with someone who has similar habits.

Where do we Overpay on Utility Bills?

With all this in mind, it becomes obvious that the average utility bills may not reveal enough for you to determine whether or not your bills are acceptable. Still, you can work on lowering your utility bills by trying to cut down on what you spend on gas and electricity. These two represent a large portion of the bill and even a small change here will reflect positively on your whole utility bill.

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