Do Ambit Energy Consultants Serve You or Their Own Interests?

Ambit Energy is one of the largest MLM energy companies within the U.S. They have been in business since 2006 and operate strictly on U.S soil, covering 14 different states. Throughout the years, they've built a network of over 250,000 independent consultants that currently work on their behalf. If you live in one of these 14 deregulated states, odds are, you probably met a few Ambit consultants and you've heard at least one of their offers.

Do Ambit Energy Consultants Serve You or Their Own Interests?

Ambit Energy and Other MLMs

Ambit Energy claims to be very different from other MLM energy companies. One of the major differences they like to point out is that they are the only MLM company that guarantees savings in writing. They also have a very restrictive policy regarding promotional material to make sure that everything presented by their consultants in writing actually reflects company policy.

Unfortunately, the benefits for consumers end there. All other differences that Ambit has to show are focused on their MLM model and compensation plan. Ambit promises a lot to their aspiring consultants and the benefits are made tempting enough to convince people to pay their one-time entry fee.

Ambit Consultants and Qualification

The trouble with this model is that paying round $400 to start as a consultant does not actually make you one. In a model where anyone can join without any qualification, there's a lot of room for error. Ambit Energy may control what consultants deliver in writing, but can't stop them from overpromising while presenting their pitch. This leads to people eventually signing a very different deal than the one they were pitched and eventually having the same problems as those encountered with any other MLM.

Ambit Energy BBB Ratings

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Ambit is an exemplary company with the highest A rating. To keep this rating, they had to successfully close over 600 complaints that were made online. This does not sound a lot, however, the number does not reflect all who ever had trouble with Ambit. The first organization to turn to when having problems with your energy bill is the Public Service Commission.

To put everything into context, the New York Public Service commission received round 450 complaints about Ambit contracts just in 2014. Moreover, Ambit has been a defendant in class-action lawsuits in 4 states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Ambit Reviews Reveal a Different Story

Even though Ambit's main selling point was the guaranteed savings, customer complaints and reviews tell a different story. The complaints made with the Public Service Commissions in various states are mostly for price gouging, which is the exact opposite.

The many reviews found online reveal that those experiencing rate hikes were often promised cashier cheques to compensate for their loss. However, not all got their cheques and a good number of them ended up losing a substantial sum of money.

Ambit Energy Customer Service Problems

Reviews also reveal that many customers had trouble cancelling Ambit after they become dissatisfied with their service. The independent consultants that sign people in refuse to help and Ambit's customer service sometimes requires two full billing cycles to stop a contract. In many other instances, the customer service agents were also found to be rude and unhelpful.

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