Using Alternative Electricity to Combat Global Warming

Using Alternative Electricity to Combat Global Warming

Alternative electricity is an option often overlooked when discussing energy supply. Big initial investments usually discourage people from considering the alternative sources. However, as the effects of global warming become more and more obvious, many are starting to reconsider using alternative sources to meet their daily requirements.

Wind and Solar Power

Wind and solar power are two well known sources of alternative energy. Harnessing wind power is considered cheaper, while harnessing solar power is more popular. Wind turbines and solar panels are already in mass production and they are available in all states across the U.S. Their prices have dropped significantly over the years and some states even offer rebates to households that decide use alternative energy sources.

Small Starts

Even if you make a small positive change it still contributes on the global scale. Solar panels can easily produce enough electricity to cover the energy demands of the lights within your home. If you put more than one solar panel, you may even produce enough electricity to cover the larger appliances. Wind turbines can also cover large pieces of the household's electricity demands, but they to require a lot more space to install.

solar panels and wind turbines

Going Off the Grid

A house on a favorable location may have enough natural resources to go completely off the grid. Having no attachment to a power supplier has its benefits but it also has a few risk factors. You will need to make sure that you produce enough electricity to handle peak hours and even create a reserve for times when the weather is less favorable.

Bad Planning Leads to Pollution

Houses not connected to a power grid, always need a backup plan. This plan usually involves using a combustion engine and a generator. Make sure that you assess your electricity needs well, as running a backup generator is an expensive way of generating electricity and it creates a lot of pollutants.

Use Alternative Electricity from Your Power Supplier

Some electricity suppliers even manage plants that produce electricity from renewable sources. Contrary to popular belief, this energy does not come at higher rates. Latest research shows that states that produce energy from renewable sources actually have lower electricity rates. Sometimes suppliers even allow you to choose the amount of renewable energy you would like to receive. Show your support for the use of renewable resources by adding alternative electricity as a preference.

When in Doubt, Call an Expert

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