Alternative Electricity Sources and Costs

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Alternative electricity sources have become quite popular as investment options for both households and businesses. The interest in both solar and wind solution has peaked a lot since production cost dropped and the equipment became largely affordable to the general public. However, those who are looking for alternative energy sources should still consider a few factors before they make up their mind.


The alternative electricity sources are not equally available at every location and that can influence your investment costs. Sure, sun rises in the east and it sets in the west no matter where you live in the U.S, but you should consider the fact that not all places have an equal amount of sunny days. The same goes for wind as well; you can expect best wind conditions in the plains, where there are no elevations to create obstacles.

The Department of Energy has determined that Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa are the five states best suitable for harnessing wind power. As for solar, you can expect the best conditions in California, North Carolina, Nevada, Massachusetts and Arizona.

Of course, this does not mean that profitable investments in alternative energy are limited to the above mentioned states. Those who follow the latest alternative energy news know that profitable solutions appear around every corner.


How many kilowatts you need per month and how much power you require during peak hours are also two key factors. Alternative electricity sources provide a stable supply of energy throughout the day but it can be distributed differently from your needs. If you have a high consumption peak during the day, you will need more equipment, which in turn will make your costs bigger.

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Alternative Electricity Sources per Kilowatt

It is very hard to determine the cost of electricity provided by alternative energy sources. You can get two very different results with the same equipment in places that are quite near to each other. However, on average solar has always been slightly cheaper and more convenient.

The Simplicity of Solar

Solar is more popular and cheaper largely due to convenience. Systems are small, compact, easier to install and they take up virtually no space. On the other hand, wind turbines generally have larger capacity and they represent a larger initial investment. Also, placing a large turbine in the right direction on your property can be troublesome due to logistics and local laws.

The Cost of Maintenance

When we discuss alternative electricity sources we need to include the cost of equipment maintenance as well. Again, solar has a big advantage here as the equipment has no moving parts. The panels require very little maintenance compared to a turbine and the equipment is less prone to damages.

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